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February Monthly Roundup


President Trump was acquitted of both articles of impeachment and the Republican Senate Majority is back at work the for the American people!


Democrats are starting to panic as it looks like Bernie Sanders could be their presidential nominee. On #PrimaryWatch, we took a look at Bernie’s progressive influence trickling down to primaries across the country.



Into the States!


Democrat Doug Jones laughed when asked if he supports late-term abortion and called it a “stupid question.”


Once again, Jones refuses to vote to protect the unborn. Alabamians will remember this when they vote in November.



Dan Sullivan secured a $20 million grant for the Port of Alaska to make repairs and upgrade its infrastructure.



Martha McSally officially launched her 2020 Senate campaign with a video of everyday Arizonans discussing how their lives have been impacted by Martha’s courage and leadership.


President Trump held a rally in Arizona. Martha will continue to work with President Trump to put Arizonans first and deliver for Arizona.


Martha never stops working for Arizona! She is number one on the list for most bills introduced and signed in her first year in the Senate!


Mark Kelly was in favor of impeaching President Trump and supports the radical, socialist agenda. He’s not right for Arizona.


When asked if he will support the Democrat presidential nominee, Kelly gave three different answers before finally saying he will support the nominee, even if it is Bernie Sanders.



Cory Gardner continues to deliver for Coloradans – and he’s not done yet!


Nearly 60 years after its introduction, Cory secured the necessary funding to make the clean water drinking pipeline a reality – bringing cleaner and safer water to 50,000 Coloradans.


President Trump held a rally in Colorado and delivered a strong endorsement of Cory.


Cory was named the second most bipartisan Senator. He will put aside partisan issues and work across the aisle to get the job done for Coloradans.


Joyride John Hickenlooper celebrated his birthday this month, so we sent him a cake to remind him of all his galavanting on free private plane rides.


Hickenlooper also continues to use thousands of taxpayer dollars from a 9/11 economic recovery fund to pay for his legal fees in his ethics hearing.


Bernie Sanders was out in Colorado this month, so we reminded Coloradans that Andrew Romanoff supports nearly every radical, socialist policy Bernie has.



On #PrimaryWatch, we reminded people that there is no primary for the Georgia Special Election. It’s important to remember that unless Republicans are unified in November, we risk jeopardizing our Senate Majority and the Trump presidency.


With their endorsement of Kelly, the Susan B. Anthony List made sure Georgians know that Kelly is a strong, conservative leader and a champion for life.


Newt Gingrich put his support behind Kelly because he knows she will continue to be a conservative voice in the Senate and work with President Trump to put Georgia first.


Kelly grew up on a farm and knows firsthand the importance of Georgia’s rural and farming communities. She’s taking the necessary action to make agricultural development a top priority in the Senate.


Kelly also spent time in Rome, Georgia where she visited with Georgians and answered questions from local students about the issues that matter most to them.


Doug Collins is only a convenient conservative. Make sure to check our latest video to see why!


David Perdue announced the new Broadband ReConnect Program that will help rural Georgia communities stay connected by providing high-speed internet access.



“Our families shouldn’t have to choose between making a mortgage payment and actually purchasing and utilizing lifesaving prescriptions.” Joni Ernst is making lower prescription drug costs a top priority.


Theresa Greenfield is yet another candidate that national Democrats are having to spend millions on because they picked a candidate who cannot get enough support on her own.



Bill Cassidy officially launched his 2020 reelection campaign. He will continue to stand with President Trump and put Louisianans first!


President Trump delivered a strong endorsement of Bill in his bid for reelection!



Susan Collins never stops working for Maine! She knows what it takes to get the job done and works tirelessly to provide the best opportunities for all Mainers.


Susan has always had a passion for serving our veterans and making sure they receive the best benefits and care they deserve.


Susan secured $6.3 million for substance abuse job training so these workers can better assist recovering addicts to help them find jobs and be successful.


Susan is taking the necessary action when it comes to updating the Veterans Crisis Line so that it can more accurately locate veterans in need of immediate help.


Susan announced $6 million for Portland International Jetport to make repairs and construct a new taxiway.


Thomas Stretton of Lewiston wrote about how well Susan has advocated for Maine and delivered tangible benefits for his city and all of Maine.


Guilty Gideon’s hypocrisy continues. She built a campaign off of rejecting corporate money, but she takes money from PACs that are funded by corporations.


Another reason Sara Gideon is not right for Maine: she held a fundraiser that was hosted by the co-founder of a Russian tech company with ties to Putin.



Steve Daines announced $6.7 million for the Missoula International Airport terminal project.


President Trump had some kind words for Senator Daines as he filed his paperwork for re-election.


North Carolina

Cal Cunningham and Erica Smith have said they will support whatever radical, socialist Democrat wins the presidential nomination.


With her support of Bernie Sanders, Smith is endorsing Medicare for All, the Green New Deal, and a $15 minimum wage.


We congratulated Cal Cunningham on being the first Senate candidate to have over $10 million spent on his campaign! Not great news for Chuck Schumer and the DSCC when they have to work this hard to keep Cunningham alive in his primary race.



John Cornyn announced $4.1 million for the Texas Northwestern Railway Company that will help create a more efficient interchange of trains between the two railroads.

West Virginia

Shelley Moore Capito was on our 20 for 20 podcast to talk about her family, her favorite movies, sharing hairspray with President Trump, and even showed us her Bernie Sanders impression.