| Matt Whitlock

Happy National Flip Flop Day, Jerry Peters!

While we hope you are celebrating the holiday by enjoying some warm weather and wearing your favorite summer flip flops, we at the NRSC are celebrating by honoring our favorite flip flopper in the Senate — Michigan’s unknown senator, Jerry Peters!

Peters has been in politics since 1995, so you would expect him to have strong and enduring principles about the policies he believes in. However, Peters has been incredibly unpredictable as he changes his mind with the wind (and the wind blows whichever way Sen. Schumer tells it to). During Peters’ decades in office, he has taken inconsistent positions on tax cuts, Obamacare, jobs, and many other issues which affect the wellbeing of Michigan families.

“Peters has always presented himself as a reasonable business candidate, even as he votes Left,” says Michigan political analyst Bill Ballenger. “It’s a total sham.”

Peters first campaigned for office as a pragmatic Democrat who would support small businesses. But this could not have been further from the truth. Peters supports cap-and-trade energy policies and parts of the Green New Deal which would hurt Michigan families and small businesses by diminishing their ability to grow and effectively compete.

When Michigan’s congressional districts were redrawn, Peters became the congressman for a new district, which covered more of Detroit than his previous district had. In order to retain his seat in the new district, Peters took a sharp turn from his millionaire businessman record. Sen. Peters marched in the Occupy Detroit protest in 2011, sporting a button that read, “We are the 99%.”

Peters has proven that he will say anything to win an election. This is not something that Michiganders can take lightly. They deserve to know who they are voting for. Peters once marketed himself as a moderate Democrat who would fight for small businesses and Michigan families, but now he is an unknown, unaccomplished career politician acting nothing more than one of Schumer’s puppets and a reliable vote for whatever radical policy the Democrats propose next.