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| Donald Trump Jr.

I hate that I have to send this

Fellow Conservative, I hate sending this email.

I’ve reached out to you FOUR times this month because my father’s allies are being outraised by MILLIONS every. single. month.

Our Senate Majority is in serious danger of turning blue, and there are only 4 days to reach our fundraising goal before the End of Month deadline. We can’t afford to come up short. Make a 5X-MATCHED donation before the End of Month deadline and defend my dad’s Senate allies!

The future of our country is at stake. This deadline is critical. There are less than 1OO days until Election Day – if Republicans are outraised again this month, it would be disastrous.






The Radical Left will take control of the White House and the Senate unless you act now. We are losing ground and falling behind in fundraising.

Time is running out. You need to join this fight now. Make a 5x-matched donation before 11:59PM tonight >>

Thank you for your support. I’m counting on you.

Donald Trump Jr.