Blog Post
| Chairman Todd Young

I look forward to working with you

I am reaching out to introduce myself. My name is Todd Young, and I was recently elected Chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee by my Republican Senate colleagues. My job is to work with grassroots supporters, like you, to advance our shared conservative agenda and strengthen our Republican Senate Majority.

I’ve been looking over our records, and your name jumped out as somebody that we’ve been able to rely on in the past. Your support helped us win the presidency in 2016 and gain two Senate seats in 2018. I know that, together, we will continue to do great things for the conservative movement in 2019 and beyond. Our first major fundraising deadline of 2019 is coming up on January 31st, and we are still well short of our goal. This is such an important goal that a group of generous donors agreed to 3x match all contributions made to this message.

Make a triple-matched donation before midnight on January 31st!

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I hope that you will continue to be a part of our team. I look forward to our partnership because the stakes are simply too high for conservatives to sit on the sidelines any longer. Get in the game and chip in whatever amount you can today.


Senator Todd Young (R-IN)
Chairman, NRSC