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January Monthly Roundup

The impeachment trial has started in the Senate, so we released a new video to show Americans that the House’s partisan sham is over and a fair trial began in the Senate.


In 2019, we raised $70 million, setting the record for the most money raised by any Senate committee in an off-year.


We launched our Primary Watch series this month to talk about the Democrat Senate primaries and candidates across the country. New episodes every week!

Into the States!


“This is literally the most comprehensive legislation ever about cleaning up the oceans.” Dan Sullivan is leading the charge to pass the Save our Seas 2.0 Act, furthering the efforts to keep our oceans clean.


Martha McSally is praising the passage of the USMCA trade deal that will harness job growth and spur economic activity for Arizona.


Cory Gardner is working hard for Coloradans. He introduced legislation to create tax deductible savings accounts for small businesses in Colorado and across the country.


Cory announced $31.8 million in HUD grants to support homelessness programs in counties across Colorado.

Cory was instrumental in the passage of USMCA, and he looks forward to all the positive impacts it will have for Colorado’s workers and economy. 


Cory reflects back on what a successful year 2019 was for Colorado – thanks to Cory’s hard work!


This month, we highlighted the tough primary John Hickenlooper is facing against liberal underdog Andrew Romanoff in Primary Watch.


Hickenlooper’s problems in Colorado aren’t going away. Hickenlooper continues to face ethics complaints for his misuse of taxpayer dollars and using a 9/11 economic recovery fund to pay legal fees.


The calls to audit the 9/11 economic recovery fund have been pushed aside by several Hickenlooper-supporting Colorado lawmakers, but Coloradans deserve the truth.


Ahead of Super Bowl LIV, we reminded Coloradans that then-Governor Hickenlooper accepted free private plane rides and hotel accommodations for the game.


Kelly Loeffler was sworn in to the US Senate this month, and we are excited to welcome another conservative senator to the Senate Majority!


One of Georgia’s crazy Dem candidates, Jon Ossoff, went on a rant about how badly the Dems need to beat Trump’s supporters. Reminder: this is a guy who’s never won an election.


With the passage of USMCA, Joni Ernst is bringing jobs to Iowa and certainty for its farmers, manufacturers, and small business owners.

Primary Watch checked in on Iowa’s four weak candidates vying for the chance to take on Joni Ernst.


In honor of the presidential Dem debate in Iowa, we reminded Iowa voters that they have yet to see their Dem primary candidates debate.


We also created Instagram filters that matched each unknown Dem Senate candidate with their respective radical presidential candidate:

  • Eddie Mauro ➡️ Joe Biden
  • Kimberly Graham ➡️ Bernie Sanders
  • Theresa Greenfield ➡️ Amy Klobuchar


Mitch McConnell discussed how beneficial the passage of USMCA will be to Kentucky by bringing in jobs and boosting the economy.


Susan Collins continues to put Mainers first! Susan is praising the passage of the USMCA trade deal for being a significant victory for Maine’s lobster industry.


Susan also announced $13 million in federal funds to help reduce homelessness across Maine.


Sara Gideon continues to face ethics complaints and money troubles, so we sent a giant check to her office in Maine to remind Mainers of her corporate money hypocrisy.


Gideon also faces another ethics scandal, as she failed to disclose ads boosting her campaign.


John James out-raised Senator Gary Peters for the second consecutive quarter.


Steve Daines stood with President Trump and is proud to be a part of the historical passage of USMCA!

North Carolina

One of our state spotlights this month for Primary Watch was North Carolina, where Cal Cunningham and Erica Smith are battling it out. A segment in the episode shows Erica Smith calling out Chuck Schumer for endorsing Cunningham because he “doesn’t think a black woman can win in North Carolina.”


John Cornyn has $12 million on hand heading into 2020 after raising $2.75 million in the fourth quarter alone.