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June Monthly Roundup


Martha McSally will always put Arizonans first and is holding China accountable for covering up the Coronavirus.


While Martha is working to hold China accountable, Mark Kelly continues to remain silent to keep his Chinese investors happy.

We released to make sure Arizonans know just how corrupt Kelly’s ties to China are.

Kelly is beholden to China and took money from a company that is an arm of the Chinese Communist Party. 

New reports surfaced that Kelly sat on the board for a Chinese company that’s been labeled a global security threat to the United States.


Thanks to the hard work of Cory Gardner, the Senate passed the Great American Outdoors Act – a historic conservation bill that will provide needed funding to preserve national parks for generations to come.

While Cory continues to deliver big results and always put Coloradans first, things have gone from bad to worse for John Hickenlooper’s campaign.

Hickenlooper had his ethics trial earlier this month, but decided to not show up even after the Colorado Independent Ethics Commission issued a subpoena for his attendance. Hick then became the first person to ever be held in contempt by the Commission.

When Hickenlooper finally did attend the hearing, he was found guilty of violating the Colorado constitution and received the highest fine in Colorado IEC history.

Hickenlooper then faced off against Andrew Romanoff in a series of Democrat Senate primary debates where he avoided questions about his ethics violations and refused to apologize to Coloradans for breaking the law.

Hickenlooper’s downward spiral continued when a video surfaced of him comparing politicians to slaves being whipped to row on a slave ship.

The racially insensitive actions and commentary didn’t stop there as photos surfaced of Hickenlooper dressed in “redface” and disrespecting Native American culture. Indigenous activists are now calling for him to drop out.

When asked about his support for the presidential election, Hickenlooper said he believes Tara Reade’s sexual harassment allegations against Joe Biden but says he will vote for Biden anyway.

Hickenlooper, Chuck Schumer and a last-minute Super PAC had to dump $7.5 million into the primary to drag Hickenlooper across the finish line.

If these last few months have been any proof: Hick was right. He’s not cut out to be a Senator.


David Perdue always puts Georgia first and will continue to be a strong leader for Georgians in the Senate.


David is proposing a cybersecurity committee to protect US companies from cyber attacks.

Kelly Loeffler introduced the American Farms, Food Banks, and Families Act to protect farmers and food banks in Georgia that were adversely affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. 

We reminded Georgians that Jon Ossoff is just another privileged liberal who is bought and paid for by Chuck Schumer and national Democrats.

We also updated with all the details that Georgians need to know on Jon Ossoff, the infamous human cash incinerator and resume liar. 


Joni Ernst continued her annual 99-county tour of Iowa to meet voters and hear how she can better serve them in the Senate.

Part of the 99-county tour was spent meeting with local business leaders about what they need from the federal government to overcome challenging circumstances that the Coronavirus pandemic have presented.

The NRSC released a new ad reminding Iowans that they can’t trust Theresa Greenfield because she will always puts big corporations ahead of Iowa small businesses.

We also published to give Iowa voters the REAL facts on who Greenfield is and  reminded Iowans why she is unprepared to lead for Iowans.

Theresa Greenfield is a failed businesswoman whose company is accused of committing fraud and destroyed the lives of Iowa families.


Thanks to Mitch McConnell and the Senate Majority, the Senate confirmed its 200th judge of Donald Trump’s presidency.

We reminded Kentuckians that Amy McGrath is too liberal for Kentucky and is only loyal to her party bosses.


Because of Susan Collins’ work on the CARES Act, seniors in Maine are being helped with in-person meals from meal delivery sites.

It’s clear through her unwavering bipartisan leadership that Susan is the strong, steadfast leader that Mainers need and deserve.

For six months, Sara Gideon did not act while she knew young girls were allegedly being preyed on in school by a teacher and fellow Democrat lawmaker. She put party loyalty over justice for Mainers.

We also reminded Mainers that Gideon abandoned her post as Maine’s Speaker for over 100 days to focus on her campaign.

Gideon isn’t transparent with Maine – she says one thing but does another. She’s not worth the gamble. 


John James is back on the campaign trail touring the state and meeting with Michiganders to discuss the issues most important to them.

John also started his “neglected neighborhoods and forgotten farms tour” to help amplify the voices and needs of Michigan farmers and learn how he can support them in the Senate.

The NRSC is sharing how Peters invested in outsourcers, while doubling his net worth since taking office.


Steve Daines worked to pass the Great American Outdoors Act, which secured funding for public lands and national parks across the country for generations to come. 

Daines met with Montanans and local small businesses across the state to hear their needs and discuss relief.


Meanwhile, Steve Bullock has tried to mislead Montanans about how party bosses like Schumer and Obama talked him into running for U.S. Senate.

Rather than prioritize what was best for Montanas and the state in the wake of Coronavirus, Bullock decided to stack his Coronavirus task force with his high-dollar donors.

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