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March Monthly Roundup

As the American people face the devastating Coronavirus, Republican Senators are stepping up to provide calm, steady leadership.


First and foremost, despite Democrats’ delays, the Senate passed the CARES Act that will provide much-needed money and resources to American workers, families, small businesses, and healthcare systems.


Into the States


Dan Sullivan is leading the charge to continue delivering relief to Alaskans affected by the Coronavirus.


Dan is among several senators who signed a letter warning the Saudis against using oil in economic warfare against the United States during a global pandemic.



With the Coronavirus pandemic spreading and Democrats delaying the passage of the CARES Act, Martha McSally stressed the urgency of getting a bill through the Senate so that Arizona families and small businesses could get the money they need as quickly as possible. 


Martha is encouraging everyone to be their best during this difficult time and to offer help to our neighbors and those in our communities who may be the most vulnerable to this disease.


On International Women’s Day, Martha showed why she’s an inspiration to so many as a trailblazer and a strong voice for women across the country. We are proud to have her in the Senate Majority!



With the Coronavirus pandemic, Cory Gardner voted to pass the CARES Act that will get money and resources to Coloradans and small businesses as soon as possible to make sure they can stay on their feet.


Cory also is taking a three-prong approach to make sure Coloradans have the money and resources they need during this pandemic and to have the ability to recover and reopen businesses when it’s over:

1) Address the immediate health epidemic

2) Make sure we provide individuals immediate assistance

3) Get our businesses up and running again to make sure when the health emergency is over we can have an economy that snaps back and runs strong


Cory secured support from President Trump to permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund.


A Denver Post article applauded Cory’s recent success saying “Gardner has done good work to advocate for a fully funded Land and Water Conservation Fund since taking office.”



Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, David Perdue introduced a plan to exempt payroll taxes to provide relief and relieve some stress for workers and families across the country.


David also discussed his five step plan to make sure our economy stays strong and American workers don’t get left behind when we reach the other side of this.


Kelly Loeffler visited the Center for Disease Control with President Trump to understand the spread of Coronavirus at the early stages and applauded the President’s efforts to act quickly to try and limit the spread in the United States. 


David Perdue also filed for his reelection campaign earlier this month, and we look forward to his continued conservative leadership for Georgia in the Senate Majority!



Kelly Loeffler was endorsed by Nikki Haley earlier this month and looks forward to continue working with her to keep America strong.



Joni Ernst encouraged people to spread kindness and participate in the #MyCovidFive challenge during the Coronavirus pandemic to call and check in on five people, friends, family or neighbors, a day.


Theresa Greenfield was hit with a complaint for illegally coordinating with a Schumer-affiliated super PAC to run an ad with language from Greenfield’s campaign documents and campaign footage.



As he fought to deliver Coronavirus relief, Mitch McConnell made sure the American people knew that Democrats delayed sending money and resources to millions of Americans by trying to add unrelated demands and push their liberal agenda. 


Mitch’s campaign suspended their voter contact program and restructured their campaign to help deliver meals to Kentuckians affected by the Coronavirus.



Susan Collins has been leading bipartisan efforts to support small businesses hardest hit by the Coronavirus.


Susan fought for Mainers in the U.S. Senate to bring relief to American small businesses and individuals in Maine during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Susan reminded Mainers that while times are difficult and uncertain, this is a time to look out for one another.


Susan helped save funding for hundreds of rural schools in Maine and across the country.



Cindy Hyde-Smith introduced legislation to help relieve the financial stress on rural health care systems in Mississippi during the Coronavirus pandemic.



In Montana, Senator Steve Daines is pushing several proposals forward to protect Montanans from the impact of the coronavirus.


Steve Daines will always put Montanans’ values and freedoms first!



Montanans were reminded that Steve Bullock gave in to pressure from Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama to run for Senate. 


North Carolina

Thom Tillis is getting emergency relief to North Carolinians and small businesses so they have the money and resources they need for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic.


We wanted to remind North Carolinians that Cal Cunningham and his allies had to spend $14 million to drag him across the finish line of a weak primary challenge.



John Cornyn called out the Democrats for playing political games and delaying the passage of the CARES Act to get money and resources to American workers and families affected by the Coronavirus.


John broke down the logistics of the CARES Act and how it will get money and resources to Americans and small businesses immediately.