| Sami Gilkes

National Flip Flop Day

Today is National Flip Flop Day, so we thought we’d celebrate with two of the biggest Flip-Floppers we know!

Bill Nelson’s Flop on Offshore Drilling

Senator Bill Nelson has been saying he is a “career-long opponent of offshore drilling” and even went as far as publishing a press release outlining the timeline of his supposed opposition. National Flip Flop Day is a great day to remind Nelson this isn’t true at all.

His egregiously long press release conveniently forgot to mention that in 2010, he threw his support behind Obama’s proposal to drill 125 miles from Florida – despite being a “staunch opponent” of offshore drilling. Now that he’s up for re-election, Nelson’s Senate office has twice denied that he ever supported the plan in the first place. Yet his support for it is in plain sight.

If the flip flop fits, may as well wear it, Bill!

Kyrsten Sinema’s Iran Deal Flop

For Representative Kyrsten Sinema, reasons to celebrate National Flip Flop Day started early in May when she decided to fall in line with Nancy Pelosi, supporting the dangerous Iran deal. Today though, the flip-flopping urban liberal can commemorate her changed stance one more time. Sinema voted against the Obama-era deal during its consideration in Congress. Now that President Trump has announced his decision to withdraw from the agreement ー the same exact agreement that she originally voted against ー Sinema announced she opposes withdrawal.

She originally said the deal “doesn’t prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon” when she was against the deal, and that still holds true today. So why the change?

Flip-flopping is the latest attempt by Sinema to appeal to her far-left liberal friends. And while the flip flops may not be designer like this “Prada Socialist” would prefer, today is still a great reason to celebrate!