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| Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich: “I am extremely worried.”

I am extremely worried. The FEC-mandated End of Quarter deadline is June 30that 11:59 pm, and Senate Republicans are still $153,183 short of their goal! The stakes are so high, a group of generous donors agreed to 4x match all donations made before midnight tonight!

Chip in immediately to protect President Trump’s Republican Senate Majority >>>

The Democrats are prepared to spend hundreds of millions against President Trump and his Senate allies. Will you step up and make a 4x-matched donation before midnight to help Republicans fight back?

The odds are stacked against us. Republicans are defending 22 seats; Democrats need just 4 to seize the Senate. Democrats are well-funded and eager to stop the plans President Trump and Senate Republicans have for the future.

President Trump and his Senate Majority want to keep Making America Great. The radical left wants to turn us into a socialist country, run by big government and paid for by sky-high taxes. Make a 400% matched donation to stop the left’s radical agenda in its tracks.

Patriotic conservatives, like you, can decide the outcome of the 2020 elections. Please make a contribution to help us reach our end of quarter goal before midnight. Together, we will continue fighting for conservative values.

Thank you,

Newt Gingrich