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October Monthly Roundup


This sounds familiar: Democrat Doug Jones raised more money from big donors in California than any other state… probably because Jones’ views are more in line with their views than the men and women of Alabama.


Back in Alaska this month, Dan Sullivan spoke about ending violence against women at the 2019 Alaska Federation of Natives Convention.

Dan is also part of the bipartisan effort that introduced the OCEAN Research Act, providing funds to monitor ocean acidification to protect Alaska’s marine life.


Martha McSally is working hard for Arizona and supports the USMCA, continuing to fight for the 200,000 trade jobs in Arizona.


Tom Cotton co-sponsored the Identity Theft Protection Act of 2019 which makes sure victims of identity theft suffer no repercussions to their records or credit history.


Cory Gardner is a Beer Institute Beer Champion! He earned the title for his work in providing tax relief for brewers and making sure the 73,000 jobs the brewing industry creates are secure.

Cory introduced legislation that shortens the Suicide Prevention Hotline phone number to three digits, making it easier to remember and readily accessible to those who need it.

Cory is fighting back against the liberal, socialist Democrats that are threatening Colorado’s jobs and way of life. He will continue to stand up against socialism to protect the jobs and freedoms of Coloradans.

Cory’s work on historic tax reform and opportunity zones is also providing an important economic boost to rural communities on the Western Slope.

When John Hickenlooper, a.k.a. Chickenlooper, dropped out of the current presidential race to run for Senate in Colorado, he – and the national Democrats backing him – hoped for a coronation. But Hickenlooper is not getting a warm welcome from his fellow Dem primary candidates or the liberal base he needs to win over – proving that his problems with the Colorado Democrats aren’t going away.

Hickenlooper has been spending too much time in Chuck Schumer’s #WindowlessBasement and not enough time getting to know Coloradans. He even showed that he can’t make his own decisions anymore when he joined his fellow Dem primary candidates and had to see how other candidates responded before responding himself.

Dem Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff called out Chuck Schumer by name for meddling in Colorado’s Democratic primary. In a video released by Fox 31, Romanoff explains how when discussing the Colorado Democratic primary Schumer told him, “We’re going to pick the winner.”


We had big plans when we bought, so this month, we launched the new and improved site! The site is the one-stop-shop for all of Ossoff’s resume embellishment and failed political career.


Earlier this month, Joni Ernst introduced a bill to cut back on the government’s wasteful spending, the “use it, or lose it” mentality because Joni is committed to cutting the pork. Make em squeal!

Joni praised legislation that works to fight against flooding in Iowa and provide funding for repairs that years of flooding have caused.

Dem Senate candidate Teresa Greenfield has spent her whole campaign attacking Joni Ernst’s policies when she has no actual policies of her own.


Amy McGrath attended an event hosted by CAIR, a group with well-documented ties to, and funding of, radical terror groups.


Susan Collins announced $1.25 million in federal funds for two sexual assault support centers in northern and eastern Maine.

Susan was also part of the bipartisan effort to introduce legislation that will expand the Historic Tax Credit. The expansion will help foster economic growth and create jobs across the country.

Susan has been working to fund research and help find cures for Type 1 diabetes. She wants to do everything in her power to make sure the lives of children with diabetes, and their families, are easier – and that’s why she’ll continue to fight.

Susan also announced $900,000 in federal grants for the Restorative Justice Project in Maine. The group works to rehabilitate adult and juvenile criminals while also giving back to Maine’s communities.

Dem Senate challenger Sara Gideon has been under fire and received several ethics complaints for benefitting from dark money ties, illegal campaign contributions, and corporate money.

The day of Gideon’s hearing in front of the Maine Ethics Committee, we ran ads and placed a mobile billboard outside to remind Mainers that Sara Gideon cannot be trusted.

Along with our billboard and ads, we launched to showcase all of Gideon’s ethical infractions and violation of state and federal laws during her time in political office.

The Maine Ethics Committee confirmed Gideon broke state laws when she used her political action committee to reimburse herself and is being fined $500 as a result.


John James outraised Senator Gary Peters in third quarter fundraising, raising $3 million in three months!

John James is working hard for Michiganders. When Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed over a million in dollars in funding for autism programs, John donated $10,000 to the Autism Alliance.


President Trump held a rally in Tupelo, Mississippi this month and Cindy Hyde-Smith delivered a powerful message and is ready to stand with Trump against the radical socialists trying to overrun our country. Watch here.


Steve Daines spent some time back home in Montana this month getting to know veterans in Billings. Steve rode horses with the men and women and learned the importance of equine therapy in the recovery process of soldiers returning from war.

New Hampshire

During the Democratic debate, we made sure to remind New Hampshire voters that Jeanne Shaheen co-sponsored Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All bill.

North Carolina

Thom Tillis is keeping his promise to North Carolinians to continue the fight against the radical, socialist agenda that is threatening Americans’ freedoms.

During the anniversary of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, Thom reminded America that the Democrats “put together a personal destruction strategy” when they don’t get what they want or have no actual facts to back up their claims.

Audio released of a North Carolina state senator and former Chuck Schumer recruit described how Schumer tells Dem candidates, including the DSCC’s newly endorsed Cal Cunningham, that their campaign strategy should be spending sixteen months in a “windowless basement” making campaign calls and running ads NOT meeting with voters. No wonder we haven’t seen Cal Cunningham at any public events.

Thom Tillis challenger, Garland Tucker, is pro-amnesty, anti-Trump phony, and the people of North Carolina know he doesn’t share their values.


John Cornyn met with local leaders back home in Texas to discuss ways to improve the mental healthcare system across Texas communities.

Former Texas Senate candidate and current presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke held an anti-Trump rally in Texas that all of the Texas Dem Senate candidates attended, showing that they support every outrageous policy position Beto has taken.