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The Radical Left’s Who’s Who

While the Republican Majority is busy working to give Americans economic growth and opportunity, the extreme left of the Democratic party is coming together as well – but for different reasons.

The star of the far left, Elizabeth Warren is handpicking fellow Democrats – from both the House and Senate – to join her in pushing an extreme liberal agenda.

Elizabeth Warren’s most recent “Who’s Who” of the Senate is Ohio career politician Senator Sherrod Brown. Elizabeth Warren sent a fundraising email for Sherrod Brown with hopes that she’d convince the liberal elite to support this fellow darling of the left. The email subject line she picked was even:

“We can’t afford to lose Sherrod.” -Far left leader, Elizabeth Warren

Ohio can definitely afford to lose Sherrod considering he votes against the President 85% of the time and was a persistent opponent of tax relief, voting NO on the GOP tax cuts. Even though tax relief is already helping Ohioans, Sherrod and Elizabeth care more about their own liberal interests than helping Ohio families.

Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t forget about her best buddy in the House. Her new favorite, Jacky Rosen, was also crowned with her very own fundraising email signed from the one and only Elizabeth Warren. Jacky Rosen seems to have no problem aligning herself with someone who promotes the most radical and dangerous ideas of the Democratic party. Elizabeth Warren really values her liberal protégé, saying:

“That’s why the Nevada Senate race is so important to me.” -Far left leader, Elizabeth Warren

Just like Elizabeth, Jacky voted against tax relief and would rather vote with her party boss, Nancy Pelosi, than Nevadans, which is why this seat is so important to her.

Seems like Elizabeth Warren is wrangling in her closest allies to build up her very own radical wing of the Democratic party.

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