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Republican Senators Reject Obama’s Overreach

Our senators are standing up to Obama's latest executive action restricting our Second Amendment rights.

This week Republican senators denounced President Obama’s latest executive order, which would restrict Americans’ Second Amendment rights. Our senators not only addressed how unconstitutional it is, but also Obama’s inability and lack of interest to work with Congress on the issue.

Senator Roy Blunt called on Obama to reevaluate his action:

“I urge the president to reconsider any attempt to roll back our Constitutional rights unilaterally, and ask him instead to work with Congress to enact measures that will improve our mental health care system and help keep Americans safe.”

Senator John McCain expressed his disapproval on Twitter:

[tweet src="twitter.com/TeamMcCain/status/684424092053708800"]

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Senator Pat Toomey echoed Sen. Blunt and Sen. McCain’s concerns by saying:

“Like other matters, the most appropriate way for handling firearm issues is when Congress and the president work together,” Toomey said.

Senator Rob Portman pointed out that Obama still isn’t working to find the root cause of the attacks. By working together, Congress could effectively take action without infringing of the rights of Americans.

"I believe there are ways we can work together to curb gun violence. This includes much stronger enforcement of current law, strengthening background checks by adding far better mental health records, and getting at the root cause of most gun violence by addressing the drug problem and gangs, pursuing more effective prisoner reentry programs and prison reform and addressing the gaps in mental health treatment."

Senator Lisa Murkowski highlighted the importance of the Second Amendment for her home state of Alaska:

“Our Second Amendment rights are non-negotiable. Many Alaskans depend on the Second Amendment to safeguard their way of life, whether it’s for personal protection, subsistence, or sports and recreation. I have worked hard to ensure that these rights are not infringed upon and I will continue to do so."

Our senators are interested in standing up for Americans’ rights in the Senate. While Obama is trying to legislate unilaterally from the Oval Office, Republican senators are calling on him to work with Congress and get to the real cause of these issues.