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September Monthly Roundup


Doug Jones’ official campaign launch was greeted by a mobile billboard reminding Alabama voters that Jones stands with the socialists in Washington, not President Trump and Alabama families.

Jones also proved he’s just another “faithful soldier” for Chuck Schumer and the Democratic Party with his openness to impeaching Justice Brett Kavanaugh.


Dan Sullivan is working hard for Alaska! The Senate unanimously passed Dan’s legislation to provide generators to rural Alaska, ensuring that all Alaskans have safe and reliable electricity – especially with the winter months approaching.

Dan attended a Korean War Veteran Ceremony in Anchorage along with South Korean Prime Minister Yoon-je, honoring Korean War vets who were receiving the Peace Medal.


Martha McSally released a new campaign video about the Spirit of Arizona and Martha’s love and devotion to her home state.

Martha also announced over $1.2 million in federal funds for Arizona firefighters to ensure they have the best resources and training.


Tom Cotton is out with a new video highlighting how our nation’s freedoms are at risk if the socialists and the radicals win in 2020.


Cory Gardner keeps working hard for Colorado! He concluded his annual Colorado Farm Tour, visiting 15 different counties meeting with local officials and farmers.

Dem candidate Andrew Romanoff’s pal, AOC, spoke at an event on Colorado University’s campus in Boulder, so we ran an ad during the event and placed a mobile billboard outside highlighting their support of the socialist agenda.

Chuck Schumer and the DSCC are facing criticism for their attempts to push out more progressive candidates and threatening firms that consider working with more progressive candidates in states like Colorado.


David Perdue addressed the Senate with a heartfelt speech about his retiring colleague from Georgia, Senator Johnny Isakson, saying that Johnny “epitomizes the best for the United States Senate.”

The Georgia Democratic Senate primary continues to embrace radical and socialist ideas. The newest far-left candidate in the race, Jon Ossoff, got off to a rough start. We bought his domain name, so now redirects to a Washington Examiner article about his misleading and inflated resume – making sure Georgia voters know who he really is.


Joni Ernst continued on her 99 county tour of Iowa in September and released a great video highlighting the importance of being accessible to constituents.


Dem Senate candidate Amy McGrath is so bad at running her campaign, people are asking if Mitch McConnell recruited her to run against him.

McGrath also received a cease and desist letter for posting a campaign video of coal miners in Kentucky without their consent.

Mitch McConnell has been working hard for Kentuckians in September and announced a much-needed $31.5 million to fight the opioid epidemic in Kentucky.


Susan Collins got things done for Maine this month. Susan announced  $781 million for Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, helping protect jobs and continuing to invest in our nation’s security.

Susan also announced $61 million to fix detoriating bridges in Maine and a $2 million grant for the expansion of Southern Maine Veterans Cemetery. 

Susan presented the Purple Heart medal to the family of Arthur Labbay, who served on the front lines in World War I.


Jerry? Larry? Barry? Harry? Terry? We created five new baseball cards to showcase Jerry’s lack of accomplishments in his two decades as a career politician, while reminding Michiganders that they deserve better. Make sure you collect all five!


Cindy Hyde-Smith announced two Rural Business Development grants to help communities in Mississippi create jobs, spur tourism, and grow the economy.


Steve Daines praised the new US-Japan trade deal saying it is “a big win for Montana agriculture and jobs, and a major step forward for opening critical markets for our producers.”


Ben Sasse hosted roundtable discussions on ways law enforcement can more effectively investigate and punish sex trafficking across the country.

New Hampshire

During the third Democrat Debate, we reminded Granite Staters that Jeanne Shaheen backs the socialist agenda being pushed on the presidential stage, even going as far as to co-sponsor Bernie Sanders’ plan to eliminate all employer-based health insurance.

North Carolina

Thom Tillis officially announced his reelection campaign with an interview outlining why he’s running in 2020.

Thom also released two new videos showcasing all that North Carolina has to offer and how he will keep fighting against the socialist agenda and protecting Americans’ freedoms.

Thom had a busy month working hard for North Carolina. Learn more about what he’s been up to here.


John Cornyn announced that Texas A&M will receive $1.4 million in federal grants for the STEM research programs, providing valuable skills to students and keeping Texas’ economy strong in the future.