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| Newt Gingrich

The fate of the 2020 election

Fellow conservative,


Democrats are using everything in their power to discredit our President and his allies as we near Election Day. They are even willing to hold our country hostage in order to achieve political wins for their radical leftwing base. We need to make sure Republicans in battleground states have the resources to defeat Pelosi and Schumer’s candidates! Are you willing to help? If you chip in before the deadline, your donation will be 5X MATCHED >>


The first major End of Quarter fundraising deadline of this election year is just 4 days away, and President Trump’s allies in the Senate Majority needs your help! Conservative candidates face liberal media bias, which is why we need extra resources to get our message out there. Every donation, no matter the size, will make a difference.


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Democrats are already outspending us this cycle, and megadonors like Bloomberg are dumping as much as $18 MILLION in a single day into their efforts to flip the Senate and take the White House in 2020. Without your help, we are in serious danger of losing the critical key to defending conservative values and Keeping America Great – our Republican Senate Majority. Make 5X the IMPACT when you rush a donation to help Republicans in 2020 NOW >>>


Republicans are working to help the American people! I hope we count on you to chip in to help them reach their End of Quarter fundraising goal. Make a 5X-Matched donation now to protect the Senate Majority.


Thank you for your support,

Newt Gingrich