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Trump’s Major Achievement

🎉 One year ago, Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court. 🎉

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The Left tried to derail Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation and failed. But it didn’t stop there. They’re still trying to remove him from the Supreme Court. Democrats have even called for his impeachment from the Supreme Court. Chip in a 4x-matched amount today to stand up to the far-left liberals that want to see Justice Kavanaugh impeached >>

Democrats are desperate to erase everything President Trump and his Senate Majority have accomplished. The Left has demonstrated that they will stop at absolutely nothing to further their liberal agenda.

The Left is escalating their attacks against President Trump and his Senate allies. We need your support to fight back!
We need 48 more donors from your area!

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This anniversary marks a MAJOR accomplishment, but we can’t be complacent. Democrats have ramped up their attacks and are willing to go to extremes to attack President Trump and his allies. Without a Republican Senate Majority, President Trump’s Making America Great Again agenda will grind to a halt. Make a 4x-matched donation before midnight >>

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