“What Bernie Sanders wants to do for the United States, I want to do here in Pennsylvania”

John Fetterman on CRIME: Defending criminals, not the victims of their crimes

  1. John Fetterman Wants to Release 1/3 Of All Pennsylvania Prisoners
    • John Fetterman supports releasing one-third of Pennsylvania inmates, saying it would not make anyone less safe.
  2. John Fetterman Pardoned Violent Criminals and Murderers
    • As Chairman of the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons, Fetterman sought to use his powers as Lt. Governor to “Get As Many Folks Out” as possible.
    • John Fetterman supports eliminating mandatory minimum sentences for those convicted of second-degree murder.
    • John Fetterman wants to make it easier for prisoners to get out of jail by lowering the vote threshold by the Board of Pardons to a simple majority. 
  3. John Fetterman Support Sanctuary Cities
    • John Fetterman supports sanctuary cities such as Philadelphia and said that anyone that does not support them is pandering to xenophobia. 

ECONOMY AND INFLATION: Higher Prices, Higher Taxes, Higher Spending

  1. John Fetterman Supports Reckless Washington Spending
    • John Fetterman supported a Bill in Congress that spent hundreds of millions of dollars of Covid Relief money on projects like golf courses, a ski slope, and a luxury hotel that mostly benefit wealth customers. All of which contributed to the worst inflation in 40 years.
  2. John Fetterman Wants to Destroy Our Energy Independence
    • John Fetterman supported Joe Biden’s decision to cancel the Keystone Pipeline, which threatened thousands of union jobs and caused higher gas prices.
    • John Fetterman supported banning fracking in Pennsylvania and called the industry a “stain” on the state. Tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians rely on fracking for their livelihood.
  3. John Fetterman Wants to Raise Your Taxes
    • Despite the cost of goods rising due to record inflation, John Fetterman wants to raise your taxes. Fetterman supported Tom Wolf’s 2021 Budget for Pennsylvania that would have increased taxes by more than $6 billion and increased Pennsylvania’s Flat Personal Income Tax Rate by 46%.