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76% aren’t on board

new poll released this week shows that an astounding 76% of voters will not vote for a political candidate who labels herself a socialist. The numbers are not only eye-popping but should create tangible heartburn for Kyrsten Sinema, the Democrat running for the Arizona senate seat who has publicly labeled herself … a socialist.

The intensely negative numbers come across all parts of partisan divide (even 64% of Democrats won’t vote for a socialist candidate, according to the survey) and pose a real problem for Sinema who has written opinion pieces for the Arizona Republic calling for the overthrow of capitalism and avowed herself to socialism – as long as she gets to keep her “fabulous accessories. ”

“As Democrats give their full seal of approval to Democratic socialism, Kyrsten Sinema is going to have to answer for her own record of support for the extremist ideology,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “No matter how much Sinema tries to run and hide, Arizonans will want to know why she supports socialism and why she wants to overthrow our capitalist system.”