Press Release
| Katie Martin

Baldwin’s costly single-payer support

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders plans to introduce his single-payer health care legislation tomorrow, but Tammy Baldwin cannot wait to tell folks that she supports his $32 trillion health care plan. You heard that right – Baldwin went out of her way to endorse this plan, which is bad for Wisconsin, 24 hours before it’s set to be released.

Despite representing a state President Trump won, Tammy Baldwin continues to side with radical liberals and support a single-payer health care system that would decimate Wisconsin families and businesses. Baldwin’s support for a socialist health care system would force folks in Wisconsin to pay exorbitant costs for an unworkable health care solution. The Urban Institute released a study last year showing that Sanders’ extreme health care plan would cost $32 trillion over a ten-year period. Talk about a boondoggle!

“After suffering through the disastrous results of Obamacare, a $32 trillion socialist health care system is the last thing Wisconsinites want or need,” said NRSC Communications Director Katie Martin. “Folks in Wisconsin deserve to know why Tammy Baldwin is putting them at risk to support the left’s radical plans for government-run health care.”