Washington, D.C. – Today, Joe Biden is traveling to Pennsylvania again…for the sixth time since taking office. With every visit, it only becomes more and more evident that the policies in his ‘America Last’ Agenda are failing Pennsylvanians. Each time Biden visits the Keystone State, he avoids discussing the issues most important to Pennsylvania families, such as fracking and bolstering American energy production, the Democrats’ spending addiction, and the inflation it’s causing. This is because his and Senate Democrats’ actions in Washington are not what Pennsylvanians want to hear:

  • While they are asking OPEC to pump more oil, they support a ban on fracking and want to phase out fossil fuels which will hurt the hard-working men and women of Pennsylvania and their families.  
  • With the Keystone XL pipeline officially gone for good, their war on energy jobs is fully unleashed, making it harder for Americans to compete globally while Biden kowtows to Russia allowing Russian pipelines.
  • Due to inflation caused by their insane spending, consumer prices for groceries, gas, and other goods are spiking making it harder for families to make ends meet.
  • They want to raise taxes on businesses to a higher rate than China’s, making American workers, products, and job creators less competitive.

Biden’s and Senate Democrats’ policies sell America short and Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidates like John Fetterman and Malcolm Kenyatta are falling in line. They are tripping over themselves as they sprint to the Left to keep up with Biden, Schumer, and Pelosi. Together, they are taking Pennsylvania off the rails.


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