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Brown calls for his own defeat

In a radio interview this morning on WHBC, career politician Sherrod Brown said that shutdowns are “just idiotic and these people that threaten shutdowns just, they should be defeated in their elections, frankly.” Brown’s only problem? He voted to shut the government down LAST MONTH!

Brown’s absurd hypocrisy comes as his Democrat colleagues in Washington are once again threatening to shut the government down, putting funding for national security and other critical government programs in jeopardy. But this time, a Democrat shutdown would also put children’s health care at risk, as the Republican funding bill includes a six-year extension of CHIP, a program Brown claims to support. So will Brown join his colleagues and once again vote to shut down the government and kick children off of their health insurance?

Click HERE to listen to Brown call for his own defeat.

“Ohioans should take career politician Sherrod Brown’s advice and vote him out of office for his irresponsible attempts to shut down the government,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Brown is correct that he ‘should be defeated’ in November as a consequence for his shutdown vote.”