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Casey stoops to new low

In the closing weeks of the campaign, it appears that Bob Casey has decided to follow the advice of Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder and scrape rock bottom in a dishonest attack on Lou Barletta.

Casey is now running an attack ad claiming that Barletta wants to strip health care from two children, twins, who are battling cancer. Beyond the fact that Barletta supports protecting coverage for people with preexisting conditions, Casey’s ad is particularly despicable given the fact that Barletta’s young grandson, a twin, is currently undergoing cancer treatment. Casey is proving there is no attack too low when it comes to protecting his taxpayer-funded job.

“Bob Casey and his campaign should be ashamed of themselves,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “Casey’s TV ad is beyond the pale and if he has any sense of decency he will immediately take it off the air.”