Washington, D.C. — NRSC Chairman Rick Scott released the following statement on J.D. Vance’s primary win in Ohio.

Statement from NRSC Chairman Rick Scott: “Congratulations to J.D. Vance on winning the Republican primary in Ohio. It was a hard-fought victory that reflects the energy and intensity on the Republican side to keep Ohio red. And it’s a precursor to a big victory to come in November!

“Two-faced phony career politician Tim Ryan is too radical for the Buckeye State, and Ohio voters know it. While in Congress, his record shows he fully supports Joe Biden’s failing agenda that is hurting Ohio families and the working class. His constant flip-flopping is giving Ohioans whiplash and his refusal to take responsibility for the Democrat agenda that he’s supported shows that’s he unfit for office. Inflation is skyrocketing, gas prices are up, taxes are rising all thanks to Tim Ryan’s agenda in Washington. Ohioans are fed up. They deserve a leader like J.D. Vance who will fight to ensure Ohio continues to be a great place for hard-working families and job creators to succeed for generations to come.”


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