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Claire, meet Pinocchio

Claire McCaskill continued her effort to ensure fact checkers remain gainfully employed through 2018 this week with her misleading comments on the Republican tax relief plan. The Washington Post took notice of McCaskill’s comment that the Republican tax cuts would not help the majority of Missourians, awarding her two Pinocchios for the statement.

To make matters worse for McCaskill, her staff declined to answer a question on whether she would join with Republicans and support extending the tax cuts for individuals past 2027. Either the Senator is being intentionally misleading or hiding the fact that she plans to vote to raise taxes on middle-class families when the time comes. The fact check concludes:

“So we face a conundrum. McCaskill framed her statement to reflect the findings of scorekeepers of the bill in 2027, even if the law was designed this way for budget reasons, not practical reality. Her staff says that means her statement is accurate. But in doing so, she ignores the more immediate impact of the law, which probably means noticeable tax cuts for her constituents for a number of years. So she’s telling only half the story.”

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