| Nate Brand

Collect All Five: New Jerry Peters Baseball Cards

New baseball cards highlight Senator Peters lack of accomplishments, low name ID, and associations with socialists in his party

MACKINAC ISLAND, MI –  The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) will be handing out Jerry Peters baseball cards this weekend as Republicans, Vice President Pence, and media gather for the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference.

The new baseball cards will highlight how Senator Jerry Peters remains the most unknown senator in the country because he has failed to stand up for the principles and priorities of Michigan voters.

The pack of five new baseball cards includes the following lineup:

  • Jerry Peters, aka The Invisible Man
  • Larry Peters, aka Motorcycle Guy
  • Barry Peters, aka Socialist’s BFF
  • Terry Peters, aka K-Street’s Favorite Hypocrite
  • Harry Peters, aka He’s Just There
For those interested in former Chicago White Sox pitcher Gary Peters baseball cards, please visit eBay or Amazon.

“Regardless of what name you give this career politician, Jerry Peters has failed to stand up for the principles and priorities of the men and women of Michigan,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. “Michigan voters are encouraged to collect all five baseball cards to learn more about Peters’ lack of accomplishments, hypocrisy, and associations with the most radical members of his party.”

In August, the NRSC posted two billboards outside of Detroit highlighting how Peters is the most unknown senator in the country and how his support for aspects of the Green New Deal could threaten Michiganders ability to eat steak.

Morning Consult’s July survey showed that 40 percent of Michigan voters had no opinion of the senator, and a Detroit News poll from earlier this year concluded that 36 percent of voters had never heard of Peters. The senator has been flustered recently when approached or asked about his lack of name recognition.


  • Years as a career politician: 22
  • Michiganders who’ve never heard of him: 40%
  • Meaningful accomplishments: 0

Each individual card includes additional facts and stats.