Philly Starbucks to Close For “Safety Issues”

Washington, D.C. — Skyrocketing crime nationwide – caused in part by the Democrats’ crazy and dangerous “defund the police” agenda – is not just a public safety issue for voters. It’s becoming an economic issue as well. It’s happening in Lt. Gov. John Fetterman’s Pennsylvania:

This is happening in Democrat Patty Murray’s Washington State, too.

So, what is John Fetterman doing to help with safety issues in his state? Being soft on crime.

Here’s a quick rundown of John Fetterman’s soft-on-crime agenda:

  • Fetterman said his job on the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons was to “get as many folks out as we can.”
  • Fetterman called for lowering the number of votes required to refer a prisoner for a pardon.
  • Fetterman endorsed the idea of releasing one-third of Pennsylvania’s prison population.
  • Fetterman supported lowering the minimum sentence from life without parole for those convicted of second-degree murder and wanted to eliminate the felony murder law entirely.
  • Fetterman motioned to reconsider the pardon bid of Richard Marra, a man with mob ties who was convicted of murdering another man because he said “hello” to Marra’s girlfriend.
  • Fetterman broke with Attorney General Josh Shapiro and seconded a motion to grant a reconsideration trial to Edward Printup, a man convicted of murdering his stepfather.
  • Fetterman supported the release of convicted murder accomplice Daniel Cummings, despite anguished objections from the victim’s sister, who said Cummings had “completely destroyed a family.”


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