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Curb Your Enthusiasm

Perhaps the only thing with less enthusiasm than Patty Judge’s Senate campaign is the 72 word endorsement President Obama just issued on her behalf.

With a five-sentence endorsement comprised of boilerplate platitudes, Obama became the latest Washingtonian to back Judge.

Obama’s endorsement reads more like an Insert Name Here Mad Lib than it does a glowing testimony of Judge’s record.

Meanwhile, with her partisan support for ObamaCare and a nuclear deal with the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism, Judge has been enthusiastically endorsing Obama’s failed agenda since 2008.

It’s understandable that the aide responsible for crafting the endorsement didn’t have much else to talk about. During Judge’s failed tenure as lieutenant governor, Iowa’s unemployment reached its highest level in decades, debt skyrocketed, and the flood response was mismanaged.

President Obama’s endorsement also conveniently comes at a time when Judge desperately needs to change the subject from her flailing campaign.

With a double-digit deficit, an embarrassing fundraising quarter, and a "paltry" $228,000 cash on hand, Judge was recently forced to demote her own campaign manager.

Perhaps Judge should also consider demoting whoever wrote a presidential endorsement without mentioning a single accomplishment.