| plindgren

Delivered: Giant Check Highlights Gideon’s Corporate Money Hypocrisy

Washington, D.C. – The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) delivered a giant corporate check to Sara Gideon at the Maine statehouse today to highlight her unabashed hypocrisy and years of building her political career off corporate campaign contributions.


Gideon violated state law and was fined by the Maine Ethics Commission when she reimbursed herself for campaign contributions she made to state and federal politicians. The reimbursements came from her corporate-funded LPAC.

“Sara Gideon’s political career has been built on corporate funding and illegal campaign contributions. Now her senate campaign runs on unabashed hypocrisy as she tries to whitewash her record,” said NRSC spokesperson Nathan Brand. “This giant corporate check is just another reminder that Gideon is willing to sell Maine’s voice away to the highest out-of-state corporate bidder.”


The giant check comes the same week as the Maine state of the state address and just days after Gideon unveiled an incredibly hypocritical “reform agenda,” despite having previously violated every point of her own plan.



  • The Maine Ethics Commission fined Sara Gideon for violating state campaign finance laws.


  • Gideon has received at least $156,399 from corporations, corporate PACs, and special interest groups while in the Maine legislature.


  • OpenSecrets reported that Gideon has taken $53,500 from LPACs, many of which rely heavily on corporate PAC money.


  • According to the Associated Press, Gideon will continue to take money from corporate executives, and will still work with lobbying firms, just not registered lobbyists.


The NRSC launched GuiltyGideon.com in December to highlight Gideon’s history of ignoring the law, accepting money from corporations, and relying on help from dark money special interest groups.