Washington, D.C. – The House has returned with hopes of FINALLY holding a vote on a police funding and public safety package. 

House Democrats looking for a promotion in Washington this November might see this as a chance to redeem themselves, but they can’t run from their weak record on supporting Law Enforcement.

“Frontline Democrats have been pressing leadership for months for a vote on a package of public safety and police funding measures. Many of these Democrats got hammered by attacks from Republicans in 2020 that they want to “defund the police” or were “soft on crime.” – Punchbowl News PM

But voters won’t be fooled. Val Demings and Tim Ryan have proven that they will do whatever their Washington Democrat bosses tell them to do and will say whatever they think voters want to hear. 

  • Demings has been supportive of the Democrats’ “defund the police” movement and turned her back on law enforcement when it politically benefited her.
  • Ryan voted AGAINST a motion to condemn calls to “defund”, “disband”, or “abolish” the police.

Senate hopefuls have been using our brave law enforcement officers as pawns time and time again whenever it seems politically beneficial. But no matter how they try to spin it, voters are already very much aware that they would rather stay in the good graces of their party’s leadership than actually protect their communities and stand up for law and order.


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