Washington, D.C. –  The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) today released the following statement after Democrat groups began running ads politicizing the Coronavirus and spreading misinformation during this health crisis:


“Less than 24 hours after the WHO declared the Coronavirus a pandemic, Chuck Schumer’s dark money allies launched disgusting attack ads that politicize a disease that knows no party,” said NRSC Communications Director Jesse Hunt. “If Democrats want to be seen as working toward a bipartisan solution on this incredibly serious issue then they should cease using it to try to score cheap political points. Republican senators are working diligently with the Administration and state and local partners to ensure American families have the support they need.”


This morning, the dark money group “Protect Our Care” launched a new ad politicizing the Coronavirus in Montana. Meanwhile, Democrat Chuck Schumer’s Super PAC “Senate Majority PAC” is spreading misinformation in Michigan during this health crisis.




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