| Joanna Rodriguez

Democratic Women to DSCC: Rescind Hickenlooper Endorsement

Yesterday, on Women’s Equality Day, six of the seven Colorado Democratic women running in the U.S. Senate primary called out the DSCC for telling them to “wait their turn”and asked the John Hickenlooper endorsement be rescinded:

“Now, the DSCC, by its endorsement, is implying that we should defer to a male candidate because you seem to believe he is ‘more electable.’ Colorado has never had a woman United States Senator and one has to wonder if circumstances such as this have contributed to that unfortunate outcome.”​

Hickenlooper’s announcement faced backlash from progressives in Colorado and across the country, some of whom hoped a female candidate would secure the Democratic nomination. Earlier this year, Hickenlooper was criticized for “tone-deaf” comments about women. In March, Hickenlooper lamented the expectation to include a female candidate on the ticket as Vice President should he or one of the other male candidates secure the Democratic nomination. He was also criticized for detailing his sexual conquests in his autobiography.

With all the options in the crowded Colorado primary, it’s shocking Chuck Schumer and Washington Democrats decided to ignore the female candidates in this race and back Hickenlooper – someone who has exhibited blatant disrespect toward women,” said NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez. “Hickenlooper will have to continue to answer for his tone-deaf comments about women, and by endorsing him, the DSCC will too.”