Washington, D.C. – A new poll is out from Gallup, and the numbers are disastrous for the Democrat Party. 

* On security matters54% prefer the Republican Party and 39% prefer the Democratic Party

  • Largest GOP advantage since 2015

* On prosperity50% prefer the Republican Party and 41% prefer the Democratic Party

  • Largest GOP advantage since 2014.

The numbers among independents are particularly bad, according to Gallup:

“Since last year, there have been double-digit declines in the percentages of independents who say the Democratic Party is better at handling the most important problem (from 42% to 31%), at keeping the nation secure (from 43% to 31%) and at keeping the nation prosperous (from 47% to 35%).”

As if a sluggish economy, a historically bad withdrawal from Afghanistan, and unpopular COVID rules weren’t enough for Democrats, President Biden is also dragging them down.  With just 13 months until Election Day, Democrats are proving they aren’t fit to govern. 

Statement from Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “The recent wave of bad polling for Democrats has entered its third month, and there is no hope on the horizon. President Biden and Democrats in Congress have failed to make Americans feel safe and hopeful of a brighter economic future. Their proposed big-government policies are exacerbating the concern. While Democrats are full steam ahead on their failing agenda, Republicans are offering a competent alternative and voters are taking note.”


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