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doom and gloom for Bill Nelson

Day 1 of Florida’s manual recount is underway and it’s safe to say it’s not going the way national Democrats and their pawn, Bill Nelson, had hope it would go…

Take a look at some of the awful headlines Bill Nelson and his liberal pals have been reading today:

Politico: Losing ammo, Nelson lawyer admits he needs more than one ‘silver bullet’

Orlando Sentinel: Bill Nelson’s chances grow dim as hand recount begins in Orange, Broward

CNN: Bill Nelson suffers court setbacks as hand recount continues in Florida

Washington Times: Early hand recount returns look grim for Florida’s Bill Nelson

Politico: Federal judge tosses Nelson rules challenge

Mother Jones: In Critical Broward County, Hope for Bill Nelson Fades as Hand Recount Begins

With just about everyone agreeing that Bill Nelson has no hope left, it’s time for Bill Nelson to leave office with dignity or forever be remembered as the guy who got played by national Democrats.