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Feingold’s Hypocrisy on Campaign Finance Reform Revealed

Russ Feingold's hypocrisy on campaign finance reform underscored in *National Journal* piece.

It’s a National Journal article that highlights Feingold’s hypocrisy on campaign finance reform and reveals that Feingold will be touting the same radical liberal positions that led to his 5 point defeat in 2010.

Take a look below at these two important points…

  1. The godfather of campaign finance reform will "green light Independent expenditures for the DSCC." (National Journal, 6/10/2015)


– In 2010, Feingold Wrote The DSCC Asking Them To Not Air Ads On His Behalf Saying “Wisconsinites Do Not Appreciate Outside Groups Coming In To Our State Running Negative Ads.” (Don Walker and Craig Gilbert, “Senate Candidates Spar On Role Of Campaign Outsiders,” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 10/18/10)

  • In 2010, Feingold Said He Would “Absolutely” Rather Lose Than See Outside Groups Airing Ads On His Behalf. (Ben Smith, “Russ Feingold’s Last Stand,” Politico, 10/31/10)

  • In 1998, Feingold Ordered The DSCC To “Get The Hell Out Of My State” With Their Ads. (Eric Pianin, “A Candidate’s Costly Pledge On Donations,” The Washington Post, 10/31/98)

  • In June 1996, Feingold Said His Goal Was “To Reduce The Flow Of Money In The Electoral Process That Has Become Dominated By Dollars And Cents Rather Than Issues And Ideas.”(Sen. Russ Feingold, Congressional Record, 6/24/96, p. S6684)
  1. Feingold is not backing away from the liberal positions that led to his 5 point defeat in 2010. "He was also a liberal’s liberal, evincing a left-leaning populism now popularly associated with the party’s Elizabeth Warren wing. It was evident last weekend that Feingold doesn’t plan on backing away from any of his old agenda. His keynote address to the state party was a 30-minute stem-winder focusing mostly on the need to recognize everyone’s contribution to society and denouncing Republicans for looking past the value of working Americans. “ (National Journal, 6/10/2015)