PA Absentee Ballots Were Sent 11 Days Ago

Washington, D.C. – John Fetterman is rarely showing up on the campaign trail and continues to lack transparency about his health.

Last week, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called on both candidates – Fetterman and Oz – to release their medical records. Oz released his, but we are still waiting on Fetterman.

The Washington Post also called out Fetterman for his lack of transparency. As the editorial board wrote, “…we believe Mr. Fetterman should release his medical records for independent review.”

We couldn’t agree more. He’s had a problem telling the truth since the beginning. But it’s only been helping Dr. Oz. There’s been a 5-point polling shift towards Oz from August.

It’s been…

  • 140 days since Fetterman’s stroke with no clarity on the severity of it.
  • 18 days since The Washington Post called for the release of Fetterman’s medical records for independent review.
  • 9 days since the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called for the release of Fetterman’s medical records, with no response.
  • And 25 days until Fetterman will finally debate Dr. Oz, with “unusual conditions” aka with closed captioning for Fetterman’s health issues. A couple issues with this:
    • Closed captioning will take longer than normal, therefore Dr. Oz is requesting the debate be 90 minutes. Why won’t Fetterman agree to that?
    • This is OVER A MONTH after absentee ballots are sent to Pennsylvanians and only two weeks before Election Day. Fetterman has officially denied Pennsylvania voters any opportunity to see him debate Dr. Mehmet Oz before voting begins.

Despite the designed and unfair (to the voters) delay, we look forward to Fetterman finally answering questions on his radical policies like why he wanted to ban fracking, why he supports Joe Biden’s failed economic policies, and why he wants to release criminals back onto the streets, especially during these trying times of a recession, skyrocketing inflation and rising crime rates.


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