PA Absentee Ballots Were Sent 3 Days Ago

Washington, D.C. – John Fetterman is rarely showing up on the campaign trail and continues to lack transparency about his health.

Yesterday, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called on both candidates – Fetterman and Oz – to release their medical records. Oz will release his shortly, but will Fetterman?? Last week, Fetterman’s campaign said they wouldn’t provide documentation.

The Washington Post also called out Fetterman for his lack of transparency. As the editorial board wrote, “…we believe Mr. Fetterman should release his medical records for independent review.”

We couldn’t agree more. He’s had a problem telling the truth since the beginning.

It’s been…

  • 132 days since Fetterman’s stroke with no clarity on the severity of it.
  • 10 days since The Washington Post called for the release of Fetterman’s medical records for independent review.
  • 1 day since the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called for the release of Fetterman’s medical records, with no response.
  • And 33 days until Fetterman will finally debate Dr. Oz, with “unusual conditions” aka with closed captioning for Fetterman’s health issues. This is OVER A MONTH after absentee ballots are sent to Pennsylvanians and only two weeks before Election Day. Fetterman has officially denied Pennsylvania voters any opportunity to see him debate Dr. Mehmet Oz before voting begins.

Click here for a good summary of the race from George Will.

Oz, 62, a Republican seeking the Senate seat of a retiring Republican, has campaigned about campaigning. His opponent, John Fetterman, 53, had a stroke in May. Until agreeing last week to an Oct. 25 debate — voting will have been underway for a month — he seemed content to campaign primarily through social media snark and carefully controlled media exposures.

Distilled to its populist essence, Fetterman’s campaign theme is: Oz’s successes — as cardiothoracic surgeon and a television talk-show host — have made him wealthy, so, unlike me, he is unable to relate to the toiling masses. For Fetterman, being a mayor was his only toiling — his only protracted employment — until, in 2019, he shouldered the burden of being lieutenant governor.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that “for a long stretch lasting well into his 40s,” Fetterman’s “main source of income came from his parents,” including “$54,000 in 2015 alone.” As mayor from his mid-30s until he was 49, he earned $150 a month. In 2013, he paid his sister $1 for a loft she purchased for $70,000. He was mayor of Braddock (population 1,700) near Pittsburgh from 2006 until 2019. The town’s decay (population has declined; one-third of the remaining residents are in poverty) resisted whatever ameliorative talents Fetterman acquired with his degree from Harvard’s Kennedy School.

“You’d be surprised,” Dolly Parton says, “how much it costs to look this cheap.” Imagine how much thought goes into Fetterman’s feigned thoughtlessness about his appearance. Six feet 8 inches, tattooed arms, shaved head, a goatee. His signature costume is a hoodie and shorts, even in winter, perhaps even at parent-teacher meetings at his children’s private school. His synthetic authenticity signals proletarian envy, a Bernie Sanders acolyte embarrassed by having uncalloused hands.


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