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UNDER FIRE: What they’re saying about Tester’s despicable campaign poster

Senator Tester has refused to personally condemn the violent poster advertising his campaign concert with Pearl Jam which depicted a gruesome image of President Trump’s dead body lying in front of the burning White House.

Yet, as Senator Tester has remained conspicuously silent, he’s not only given his tacit endorsement to the far-left’s unhinged calls for violence, but also allowed bad headlines to continue piling up.

Here’s what they are saying…

KMMS Bozeman: Pearl Jam and Senator Tester Have Lost Their Minds

“The president is in front of a burning White House and Jon Tester is flying over the ‘dead’ president cheering. Has Senator Tester lost his freaking mind? How could he let a band display such a piece of trash? Why didn’t our Senator call the secret service and report Pearl Jam?”

Fox News: Tester Is Following His “Left-Wing Base Off A Cliff”

“You have Jon Tester out there in Montana hanging out with Pearl Jam at a fundraiser with a poster that has a corpse of President Trump. These people are following their left-wing base off a cliff.”

Washington Examiner: This Is A Problem for Tester Which Could “Complicate” His Re-Election Bid

“…this is a problem for Sen. John Tester. Pearl Jam is touring through Big Sky Country and fundraising for the Montana Democrat… It comes with certain risks, though, which could now complicate Tester’s re-election bid.”

Washington Post: A Pearl Jam Poster Depicting A Dead President Trump Draws Controversy In Montana Senate Race

“In their bid to unseat Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), Republicans have seized on a new controversy: an apocalyptic poster depicting a dead President Trump that was used to promote a Pearl Jam concert that doubled as a fundraiser for Tester’s campaign.”

KPAX Missoula: Poster From Missoula Show Ignites Online Controversy

“The release of a political poster depicting a burning White House is drawing a lot of fire online and maybe seeing some fans turn their back on the legendary group…by this evening, most responders were condemning the band and bassist Jeff Ament for the violent images, and what appeared to be the depiction of a skeleton of President Trump in the foreground.”

Associated Press: Pearl Jam Unapologetic for White House Poster

“Pearl Jam’s bassist is unapologetic for a concert poster that has Republicans crying foul.”

Billings Gazette: Pearl Jam Poster From Missoula Concert Draws Fire

“Republicans and conservative groups have compared the poster to Kathy Griffin’s 2017 tweet of an image of herself holding what looked like the decapitated head of Trump. She was later fired by CNN. The poster controversy has also been picked up by news outlets around the country.”

The Hill: Tester Criticized For Poster Featuring Dead Trump, Burning White House

“Rock group Pearl Jam and Montana Sen. Jon Tester (D) found themselves the targets of Republican criticism on Wednesday after the band tweeted a design for a poster featuring the senator jumping a tractor over a burning White House.”

Huffington Post: Pearl Jam “Under Fire” Over Poster Featuring Trump Body Outside Burning White House

“Matt Rosendale, Tester’s Republican rival in this year’s midterm election, called the image ‘disgusting and reprehensible’ and urged the senator to denounce it. RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel described the image as ‘disgusting’ and the National Republican Senatorial Committee denounced it as ‘despicable.’”

Variety: Republicans Try to Tie Jon Tester to Pearl Jam Poster Featuring Trump’s Dead Body

“In the image, Tester flies gleefully overhead – smiling at Trump’s demise — aboard a green tractor as smoke billows from the White House spelling out the word, ‘vote,’” Calvin Moore, a spokesman for the National Republican Senate Committee, said in a post on the NRSC website. The committee featured several images of the poster, and Matt Rosendale, Tester’s Republican opponent, called the poster ‘disgusting and reprehensible.’”