Press Release
| Camille Gallo

ICYMI: Who is Bill Nelson?

Bill Nelson woke up to a savage article this morning shining the spotlight on his total lack of outreach to Florida’s Hispanic communities. Here’s what Floridians are reading:

  • “I haven’t really seen that much activity as far as being open to the media from Nelson,” said a Miami-based reporter.
  • Another reporter for a national Spanish-language network couldn’t recall any recent high-profile Latino-focused Nelson events in South Florida.
  • On Nelson’s non-existent outreach programs one Democrat remarked, “And the fact you don’t have that in Florida set up, you don’t have that in DC set up — it’s baffling. And people are taking notice.”
  • “When it comes down to it, Scott seems more willing to speak to Latino audiences…It’s rather unfortunate that we don’t have the senior senator of Florida embedding himself in that energy,” said a communications director for an immigrant-rights group.
  • And a veteran political commentator and Miami radio host even joked: “Who is Bill Nelson?”

To make matters worse for Bill Nelson, Governor Scott is running a new Spanish-language ad during the World Cup making that Scott’s 11th ad of the election cycle.

This week just keeps getting worse for Bill.