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More lies and excuses from Air Claire

Claire McCaskill got caught flying around Missouri on her supposed RV tour, and now she’s starting in with the excuses for why she couldn’t be bothered to drive the highways with “normal people.”

Here are some select quotes from everyone’s least favorite Washington Democrat elitist from Politico and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

“I was on the RV so much that the broken door drove me crazy.” – A problem we can all relate to. Who hasn’t been driven so crazy by a broken door on their luxury RV that they instead opted to take their private plane the rest of the way?

“I even lost an iPad around a corner on the RV.” – Oh no!

“I spent two-plus days on the RV,” McCaskill said, and the plane “picked me up at the end of one day, after I spent all day on the RV” before being used to add “some stops.” – Got it. So you only used the plane one day…and then other times too?

“Anybody could have followed me. They could have seen when I got off the RV and when I went and got on the airplane.” – Ok, so she did have the RV take her to the airport so she could fly to the next city?

“A spokeswoman said her plane did take her to overnight stays in Kansas City and St. Louis at the end of each day of touring. It also took her to an unscheduled stop in St. Joseph on the second day that the RV didn’t have time to get to between its scheduled stops.” – Wait. So you’re saying this townhall meeting with more than two dozen attendees was an “unscheduled stop?” Sure was lucky of you to find that room full of supporters that was decorated with your campaign signs! Also, how did you get to the Columbia stop after St. Joseph if the RV didn’t accompany you?