Mark Kelly tried to pull a fast one last night a la Evan Bayh by dropping his personal financial disclosure in the middle of the Democratic debate. Mark Kelly took in $1.8 million in speaking fees from major corporations, universities, and foreign governments over the past 18 months and reported assets worth up to $27 million — and that’s just the top line!



Kelly says his time in space prompted him to make conscious changes to reduce his environmental impact… But Arizona Republic reports Kelly “received his highest payday, $58,250, from auto manufacturer Subaru of America.” He also owns stock in Valero Energy Corp.
Kelly has made college affordability a key campaign issue… But in the last 18 months, Kelly has pocketed $125,000 from four speeches at colleges.
Kelly says he wants to fight big money influence in politics… But Kelly disclosed payments for two speeches in foreign countries that netted him “a combined $92,000.”


“It’s no coincidence Mark Kelly decided to file a disclosure that reveals hundreds of thousands of dollars in corporate speaking fees and exposes him as a hypocrite at the same time many of his liberal base voters and donors were watching his Party’s presidential primary debate,” NRSC spokesperson Joanna Rodriguez said. “This small window into Kelly’s personal finances proves once again that he is for sale to the highest bidder, and is just the beginning of what he’s been hiding. We look forward to showing Arizonans who Mark Kelly really is.”

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