Washington, D.C. – Details of the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion (actually $5 trillion) reckless tax and spending spree are circulating around the Senate, but those details haven’t seemed to find Mark Kelly yet. This week when asked by CNN whether or not he would support his party’s “cradle to grave” socialism, Mark Kelly gave the same answer he’s given for months:

“I’m not setting a line in the sand on a number, but I do recognize that’s a significant amount of money,” said Sen. Mark Kelly, an Arizona Democrat facing reelection next year, when asked about the price tag. “And I’m going to look at the details of what are we going to get for whatever the top line number happens to be and then how are we going to pay for it.”

No matter the issue of the day, Mark Kelly never seems to have an answer. That’s because he is a reliable vote for D.C. Democrats and special interest groups, not Arizonans. As the Wall Street Journal put it:

“Unlike the other Democratic senator in the Grand Canyon state, Sen. Mark Kelly isn’t causing trouble for party leaders.”

Mark Kelly doesn’t cause any problems because Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Bernie Sanders know he is 100% on their side when it comes to passing their far-Left, partisan agenda. 

Statement from NRSC Spokeswoman Katharine Cooksey: “Mark Kelly is Washington Democrats’ favorite Senator because unlike his Arizona colleague, Kelly’s vote for their radical, socialist agenda is already in the bag. Mark Kelly’s focus isn’t on doing what is best for Arizonans, it’s staying out of trouble with his D.C. bosses.”


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