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McCaskill lying about tax cuts again

Claire McCaskill finally broke her silence about the bonuses and pay raises being given to employees by businesses across the country, including several in Missouri, as a result of the Republican tax relief plan. And she couldn’t help herself but repeat the same dishonest talking points Democrats have been pushing for months.

After refusing to comment to Missouri newspapers, McCaskill finally broke her silence yesterday, telling the liberal Huffington Post blog that while bonuses are “great,” the bill “is not going to be helpful to the vast majority of people in my state that are sitting around the kitchen table trying to figure out how [to] come out even at the end of the month.” But the actual numbers show the exact opposite. According to a CNBC analysis of the tax plan’s impact on the middle class, 83% of families with an income of $22,100-$40,660 would receive a tax cut, along with 90% of those making $40,660-$62,990 and 92% of those making $62,990-$102,860. Sounds like a vast majority!

“Claire McCaskill refuses to tell the truth about the Republican tax cut plan that is already directly benefitting Missouri families,” said NRSC Spokesman Bob Salera. “As the new tax rates take effect, putting more money in workers’ paychecks, Missourians will see firsthand that Senator McCaskill is lying to them for political purposes.”