Press Release
| Bob Salera

Mexico Joe’s finger pointing backfires

Mexico Joe’s desperate attempt to deflect blame for his own outsourcing hypocrisy backfired badly.

After the Senate Leadership Fund released an ad accusing Donnelly’s family business of violating the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, Mexico Joe was quick to issue a response rebuking the ad as false. But a new report from the Washington Examiner found that the attacks calling out Mexico Joe’s outsourcing were in fact “true, and Donnelly’s campaign was wrong” to disregard SLF’s attack ad.

Making the shady matter even worse, a Mexico Joe aide admitted they were forced to quietly scrub the document attacking the SLF ad from their website because the Donnelly family business did indeed have 5 serious workplace violations from OSHA.

Try as he might, Mexico Joe will never be able to escape his record of outsourcing Hoosier jobs to Mexico.