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Nelson accepts more help from extreme liberals

Another extreme liberal is throwing money at the Nelson-Gillum ticket. This time it’s Andrew Gillum’s top backer and billionaire, Tom Steyer.

After bankrolling socialist Andrew Gillum’s primary campaign, Tom Steyer is now spending over a million dollars to run ads supporting Nelson and Gillum.

This comes right after Hillary Clinton’s super PAC announced it’s spending money to elect this extreme liberal ticket and far-left Elizabeth Warren sent emails in support of the two.

But of course, Bill Nelson is still trying to make Floridians believe he’s some courageous moderate even though he called Gillum’s socialist agenda “mainstream” and is gladly accepting help from radical diehards.

We see you Bill and you’re not fooling anyone.

“Bill Nelson would like Floridians to think he’s some moderate crusader but when they aren’t looking Nelson is getting more liberal by the day, accepting help from radicals and calling Gillum’s socialist agenda mainstream,” said Camille Gallo NRSC Spokesperson. “These liberals know that when push comes to shove Bill Nelson will support their agenda that is just too extreme for Florida.”