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Nelson all talk on Lake O

Today, Bill Nelson is visiting Lake Okeechobee communities to discuss the toxic algae bloom, and specifically funding for repairs to the federally operated dike.

We know Bill Nelson has been fully aware of this issue for almost half a century. Back in the early 1970s, he took a boat tour of Florida waterways that had been plagued by toxic algae.

But throughout the nearly 30 years that Bill Nelson has supposedly been representing Floridians in Congress, he’s failed to secure funding to repair the federally operated dike, which would had prevented this issue in the first place.

So, is Bill Nelson going to tell local leaders today that he hasn’t lifted a finger in Congress or spout lies like a typical career politician?

In 1974, Nelson Participated In A Tour Of The St. Johns River.  “Though his boat got stuck in Puzzle Lake and three county sheriff’s departments ultimately participated in a search for him, Rep. Bill Nelson, D-Melbourne, finally arrived in DeLand to hold a public hearing on the problems and potential of the St. Johns River…Nelson said he was conducting the study of the St. Johns River because of its potential as a source of drinking water for South Brevard County and because it is a major influence on the environment from South Central Florida to Northeast Florida.” (Bruce J. Kuehn, “Nelson, Biologists Probe St. Johns Problems,” The Orlando Sentinel, 11/13/74)