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New 📺 Ad: radical and extreme

The NRSC released a new television ad in Arizona this morning, blasting Kyrsten Sinema for trying to bury her past as a radical socialist who protested our troops “Day One” after 9/11.

While Kyrsten Sinema pretends she’s “independent just like Arizona” now that she wants a promotion, the truth is: Sinema proudly branded herself a socialist and was even called “too extreme” by her own party.

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“Kyrsten Sinema is sweating in an all-out sprint away from her record because it shows just how out-of-touch she is with Arizona,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Arizona has a clear choice this November between Kyrsten Sinema, a socialist protestor who fought to let terrorists off easy, and Martha McSally, a proud American patriot and the first woman to fly in combat.”


ANNOUNCER: Kyrsten Sinema has the phony politician act down.

She wants you to believe she’s a moderate, but she’s just a professional politician.

Before Sinema went to Washington she was a radical fringe protestor.

In 2002, the Arizona Democratic party said she was “too extreme.”

Sinema even called herself a socialist. That’s right. A socialist.

Radical. Extreme. Socialist.

Don’t fall for Kyrsten Sinema’s act.

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