Press Release
| Paige Lindgren

NEW AD: Steve Bullock’s plan for government controlled health care

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) release its second TV ad today in the Montana Senate race that highlights the devastating consequences Steve Bullock’s health care plan would have on Montanans. Watch the first ad here.


“Steve Bullock’s plan to implement a government-run health care system would have devastating effects on Montana’s seniors, working families and anyone else who relies on rural hospitals,” said NRSC spokesperson Paige Lindgren. “Bullock has embraced harmful liberal policies, just like his Democrat party bosses instructed him to when they convinced him to run for Senate. Now there’s no way for him to hide it from voters.”


Bullock’s health care plan will force rural hospitals to close.

Medicare as we know it will change, replaced by a government run program with fewer doctors and longer wait times.

If you’re a senior on Medicare, if rural hospitals are important, Steve Bullock’s health care plan is a bad idea.

Fewer doctors, longer wait times, higher taxes, think about that.