Washington, D.C. – Today, the NRSC continued its campaign against Senators Maggie Hassan and Raphael Warnock on the airwaves by launching two new seven-figure ad buys. 

The new ad in New Hampshire is called “Lauren.”  In the ad, Lauren, a Manchester resident, discusses the pain that the Biden economy has had on her and her growing family.  She highlights Hassan’s 97% voting record with Joe Biden that sent inflation to a 40-year high, making food and fuel more expensive.

Watch the full ad here:

The new ad in Georgia is entitled “Mirror” and focuses on Warnock’s lockstep voting record with Joe Biden. Not only does Warnock vote with Biden 96% of the time, but those votes include some very bad policy. 

  • Warnock voted with Biden to slash Medicare spending.
  • Warnock voted with Biden to cripple U.S. oil production.
  • Warnock voted with Biden on spending, fueling inflation.

Watch the full ad here:

 Statement from NRSC Spokesman T.W. Arrighi: “As primary season concludes, the NRSC remains committed to retiring two of President Biden’s favorite senators.  Their lack of independence and lockstep votes with Joe Biden have hitched them fully to his agenda.  Try as they might at the 11th hour to convince voters otherwise, but no one is buying that Hassan and Warnock are anything more than typical Washington liberals.”


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