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New TV Ad Slams Tester on National Security

The NRSC went up with a new television ad in Montana today slamming Senator Tester for his liberal record on national security.

As threats from ISIS and MS-13 loom, records show Senator Tester skipped 76% of hearings in the Senate Homeland Security Committee, putting America’s national security at risk. Making matters worse, Senator Tester sided with liberals to back sanctuary cities and even voted against Kate’s Law, which would keep criminal illegal aliens off our streets.

Tester talks a big game, but the truth is: he’s just another open borders, weak on security liberal.

Click here to watch the new television ad.

“It’s clear Senator Tester would rather hobnob with lobbyists at his million-dollar home in D.C. than actually show up and do his job to keep our country safe,” said NRSC Spokesman Calvin Moore. “No company would tolerate an employee who failed to show up to work 76% of the time, and Montana voters should be no different.”


Beyond his folksy ads, what do you really know about Jon Tester’s record?

On the Senate Homeland Security Committee, Tester skipped 76 percent of hearings – putting our security at risk.

When he does show up, Tester’s like all the other liberals, supporting sanctuary cities, but opposing Kate’s Law and President Trump’s travel ban.

Jon Tester: another weak on security liberal…when he’s there.

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