| plindgren

NEW VIDEO: NRSC Primary Watch Heads to Colorado for Hickenlooper v. Romanoff

Washington, D.C. – Grab your skis because the latest episode of the National Republican Senatorial Committee’s Primary Watch heads to Colorado. The video examines the primary battle shaping up between establishment-favorite John Hickenlooper and progressive underdog Andrew Romanoff.

The video also unveils a new redirect for ListenHarderCO.com – the URL once used for a $13,000 legacy website Hickenlooper had made using taxpayer dollars from a post-9/11 economic recovery fund just before his presidential campaign.

Watch Primary Watch: Colorado here.

The new episode highlights Hickenlooper’s multiple ethics and spending woes including the ongoing ethics investigation into his use of private jets and the questions surrounding his “questionable” and “sneaky” spending from a post-9/11 economic recovery fund. The episode also examines Romanoff’s support for liberal policies like the Green New Deal, and his attack on Hickenlooper’s possible role in covering up a priest abuse investigation.

Primary Watch brings voters the news and updates from the nastiest Democratic U.S. Senate primaries from across the country. New episodes are released each week highlighting the latest primary drama from different states.