Washington, D.C – On Friday, the New Hampshire Democrat Party announced they found a new Executive Director: the former Iowa Democrat Party Chair, Troy Price.  You may remember Mr. Price from the debacle that was the 2020 Iowa Caucuses, wrought with counting errors and faulty reporting.  Things got so bad in Iowa that the chorus to ditch the historic caucus system hit a fever pitch.  It also forced Price to resign his role as leader of the Party.  

Now, Price takes over a party that must not only defend the most vulnerable Democrat in the U.S. Senate, Maggie Hassan, but also their first-in-the-nation primary status that is being challenged by national Democrats.  His record of recent successes (or lack thereof, more accurately) will no doubt play a big role in the 2022 cycle. 

The NRSC isn’t in the business of advising Democrats, but if we were, we think Troy Price would be near the top of our list of preferred candidates for a leadership position in the NHDP.


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